2019 Visual Trends as Inspiration

Get inspired for your personal projects with 9 trends shaping visual communication.

Every year we edge closer with our predictions. Our visual trends for 2017 and 2018 were sent off into the world and still continue to inspire creatives. This year, we bring something special to the table — personalized content, a new global aesthetic and a refreshing take on minimalism.

Read our full visual trends 2019 cover, or get a preview of the key trends that we discovered in collaboration with our content curators, and international photographers and designers from our creative community.

1. The Era of Personalization

Marketing no longer functions with the “one-size-fits-all” approach. With this new trend, there’s a direct call to appeal to individual clients as opposed to segments of consumers. We give up a lot of personal information, and how its used should work in our favors to show us only relevant content.

Photo by Serbogachuk5

2. Creative Provocation

Bold, brave and unconventional choices in content curation and project execution is what makes for thumb-stopping content. In the age of a whole lot of “digital noise”, this is going to be be key if you want your brand, product or cause to stand out. It’s no longer enough to deliver picture-perfect campaigns and projects — you’ve got to start making bold statements with your visuals.

“As more photos and video are consumed on social media on the go on a mobile devices, successful visuals needs to be thumb-stopping. This means creating something unexpected that rises above the average or the noise that crowds social media today.” — (Gabriel) DGT Portraits, professional photographer
Photo by Zamurovic

3. Nostalgic Flashbacks

There’s always a place for an old school strategy, and next year it’s going to be about understanding audiences and tapping into their earlier memories of “the good old days”. There are more websites using palettes, patterns and fonts reminiscent of past decades as a way to use inspiration and put a new spin on things.

“We’re going old school. That said, there’s an emphasis on creating collages and using old photographs to create new meaning and ask new questions about the past.” — Oded Wagenstein, professional photographer
Image by ArturVerkhovetskiy

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