IN PROGRESS: Kind of Another Athlete: Piglet

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Piglet — A Pro Gamer hailing from Korea

Chae Gwang-jin, AKA Piglet, hails from South Korea. Piglet began his career playing Starcraft, but then started playing League Of Legends.

Piglet after joining SKT

On February 2013, Piglet got recognized in Soloqueue (ranked Games in LoL, where Challanger is the highest rank) and joined the korean eSports Team called SK Telecom as a rookie player (Rookie Players are Players that are playing the first season in eSports or in a new region).

The Logo of SK Telecom T1

The Beginnig: SK Telecom

After joining SK Telecom T1 #2, Piglet and the Team found great succsess in their first tournament, the OLYMPUS Champions Spring 2013. They got placed at third, after loosing 3–1 to MVP Ozone, but they won their 3rd place match against CJ Entus Frost.

After the tournament, SK Telecom T1 #2 sister Team, SK Telecom T1 #1, was dropped from the organisation, so Piglet’s team was renamed to just SK Telecom T1.

Piglet found alot of succsess in his second tournament with the team, named HOT6iX Champions Summer 2013. This time, they managed to qualify for the finals. The finals began horrible for the team. The enemies, KT Rollster Bullets, lead the series 2–0, until SKT swapped them and finaly won 2–3. The win against KT Rollster Bullets have given them enough Points to qualify for the Season 3 Korea Regional Finals. Due the amount of points, they automatically qualified for the Finals, facing KT Rollster Bullets again. This time, winning 3–1. After taking them down and winning the tournament, Piglet and his Team qualified for the Season 3 World Championship.

Piglet first International Tournament: Season 3 World Championship

SK Telecom T1 got 7–1 in the group stage, loosing one game to the chinese Team Oh My God. In the Quarter finals, SKT faced the taiwan Team Gamania Bears and won 2–0 in a best of 3. 
In a thrilling semifinal, SKT eventually won 3–2 against the korean Team Najin Black Sword.
It’s not hard to believe after you have seen the final matches against the chinese Team Royal Club, that SKT easily won 3–0 and got the World Champions in Season 3.

SKT with Piglet in the middle of the Picrure, after winning the World Championship
Piglet after receiving the best AD Carry award

In his first year of professional Gaming, Piglet also received the Best AD Carry title at the 2013 Korea e-Sports Awards.

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