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I read the article once and thought it was bad. A couple of hours later I read it again — it got even worse.

There are a lot of very well reasoned responses already why this article is chock full of strawman arguments. It’s no accident the movement gains traction on both sides — it has gotten so bad that even liberals are uneasy now with the level of silencing (or worse) going on at Universities.

This is not about questionably, fringe types like Murray and Milo either, and you know it, Kate Knibbs. Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Christina Hoff Summers, the list goes on. People you can argue with very reasonably. Students (and professors!) tried to forcibly stop events with them, with varying levels of success.

Look at the links you posted: Lots of liberal publications have realized that something is very wrong on US campuses when it comes to tolerating diverse opinions. But you know better, of course: Nothing more than getting crazy people on campuses. Nothing more.

Your answer to Jesse S made it even worse:

“I totally agree! The point I’m trying to make with this piece is that the phrase “ideological diversity” has been hijacked to allow fringe ideas in. I am very much in favor of having people with different viewpoints debating. The world would be horribly boring otherwise.”

There are so many things to respond here. Working at the Ringer must bore you to death. The phrase cannot be hijacked if even liberals start to use it.

And you being very much in favor of different viewpoints debating? Funny how this very sentence did not make it into the article. Had enough space to discredit those who argue in favor of debating different viewpoints, though. You see how this makes it hard to believe you, right? “I am totally in favor of debating different viewpoints! Here is my article slamming those who speak out in favor of it!”

— — — — —

This piece reminds me of one of Bill’s podcasts with JackO.

Simmons: “You know it’s interesting … we have mostly people who are either, I guess, liberal ... or have leaned Democrat, like in the whole Ringer universe … just by chance.”

JackO: “Yeah, I would say so.” (starts laughing uncontrollably)

It’s amazing. Even Bill seems a little bit uncomfortable with his bullshit explanation. “Whoa, look at that! I just woke up and all of a sudden everyone I hired was a liberal. It just … happened.” Like they tried to hire conservative writers and those all converted over night. (It’s episode 129, starting at about the 56 minute mark)

Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, whoever. You cannot possibly read this article and its responses and NOT come away with the thought that a little ideological diversity would be quite a good thing for the Ringer. I mean, take JackO if you cannot come up with anybody else. Your content would be so much better even if you only had someone to bounce ideas off of.