That is so unbelievably dumb I don’t even know where to begin.
Dan Lee

… so you DID know where to begin.

Notice I didn’t say “mediocre”. But the game 2 performance was a flat out disgrace, and they went down without a glimmer of a fight in multiple other games. Why should the coach be exempt from criticism in this case? That’s all I’m saying. (Ok, so it’s because of the Cavs, you might say. Well, they were well on their way to lose to the friggin Bulls, were it not for the Rondo injury. Would it have been okay to lay at least a little bit of blame on Stevens? No? Just checking.)

But hey, by all means, be happy with they way the series played out. Just one thing: To call players outside the top 50 “spare parts” (there are 30 teams in this league, do the math) might not be “unbelievably dumb”. But it’s close.