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The Editor-at-Large of the Ringer is a Liberal? Nooooooooo. Come on, really? Who would have suspected?

(Btw, you discussing the sports/politics topic on Simmons’ podcast a while ago was quite funny. He at least tried to be somewhat impartial and see both sided, while it was totally obvious that you wanted to say soooo much more. Well, on his podcast he held you in check. On this site you reign supreme, at last.)

All snarkiness aside, this was an informative and well-written article, at least until the November 8th part where you decided to tear down a couple of nice strawmen.

Oh well. I wanted to write a lengthy post about my problems with the Ringer’s social/political coverage, but there’s not a lot of evidence that the writers even read the comments.

So let me just say this. The problem is not The Ringer being a liberal hub where there is absolutely no diversity of ideas/convictions. Well, check that: It is a problem whenever you guys pat yourselves on the back for being so diverse. What I mean is: It is expected.

It becomes a problem when activism trumps journalism.

And boy oh boy, does activism trump journalism at The Ringer.

PS: Remember that God-awful “Resolutions for White People” Video from MTV (which I guess you guys didn’t cover because you have so many former colleagues there)?

One thing was true: Stop saying “woke”.

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