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Way to shoehorn the female Ghostbusters into this article. They did not abolish the rating system, they abolished the forum. Unless they do away with the rating system, too, this won’t change anything about the fact that some movies will polarize and will get voted on accordingly.

Also, when you have a page where the voters are 5:1 male, male-centric movies and tv shows will get voted “up” and female-centric ones will get voted “down”. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with having different tastes, the same thing is surely going on on sites with predominantly female users. You wanna split up the vote into gender, age and other things? That giant step takes ONE mighty click. You want critics? Rotten Tomatoes it is.

So please, tell me again what those ratings have to do with them killing the message boards?

(I hadn’t commented on those boards for years, but whenever I saw a good movie, I went over to IMDB to check at least the trivia and the comment section. I huge mistake in my eyes, and I hope some kind of alternative will pop up.)

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