Why do you have to reinvent the wheel to change the world?

The world is full of new ideas. You can see daily in the social networks that almost all people want to do something new, and I only think that they do it to be recognized now. In the future and if it could be on a quick way, it will be better.

I’m one of the others. One of those that, deep down, like to do something to make a positive impact in the society. The recognition may be slower, but dare I say, better. I’m talking to learn from the others and try to maximize their ideas to impact more and more people being the second.

In 2011, I was in Montevideo and I was part of AIESEC, an amazing worldwide organization of young people, in Montevideo. I was fascinated with all the things going on around where I was living, but the career that the organization could offer me wasn’t exactly what I wanted and I didn’t want to start a career out of the country because I had been living away from my family and they were coming that year.

Because of that, some of my friends in the organization and I started to think about the idea of creating a new local committee (LC) of AIESEC in Montevideo. It was a huge challenge, but if we did it many more people from our country could live the same amazing experience we lived.

So, we started the challenge in February and in August we were able to start with the application of the Executive Board positions and we started to define our vision and mission.

I was the President of the LC in 2012 and from there more than 35 people have experienced the amazing challenge of work in another country as well as learn from different cultures, and more than 15 people had a Leadership Role in the new committee.

Now, I meet some of the new members in different places or they contact me to ask about something and this is the moment when I find the satisfaction to impact another person indirectly.

Don’t be afraid to copy an idea to do a better world. The ideologist is going to feel happy to know there are others inspired by him and you will have positive impacts in your society.

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