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We’ve been recruiting lately and as UX lead at FutureLearn, I thought I might explain how hiring works within the UX research and design team here. With the hope that I might help others in their application process.

Since FutureLearn started we have built a really talented team who keep all the plates spinning. Now, with even more new people on board, I thought it might be an interesting time to reflect on our hiring process within the UX research and design team. …

Six objects that describe my role

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During a recent design catch up, FutureLearn’s Creative Director, Lucy Blackwell explained that she’d been reflecting on her position within FutureLearn and trying to define what she does as a Creative Director. While doing this she started to look at objects that represented something she does or something she should do more of.

After sharing what the objects were and what they meant, Lucy threw down the challenge to whole FutureLearn design team to do the same — find up to six objects that define what you do in within FutureLearn.

As my own role within FutureLearn has recently changed…

I love drawing, my 8 year old son loves drawing too. So last weekend we joined in with The Big Draw event held in London’s Granary Square. It’s a huge drawing festival that offers free drawing activities for all ages. Run with the aim of encouraging everyone to draw and sketch. We had a great day running around Kings Cross, drawing and making. What I found enlightening was my sons sense of wonder. Not once did he say ‘I can’t draw that’. As adults we tend to fret about not doing things properly, worried about making mistakes. …

Dereck Johnson

Head of UX @FutureLearn, cyclist, photographer & petrolhead.

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