The morning routine: Creative thinking Part 1

We all want to be creative. Perhaps we want to generate ideas for the next BIG thing or solve a problem for either ourselves or help someone we know.

I read in James Altucher’s hilarious book “Choose Yourself” if you want to be an idea machine, simply get in the habit of doing writing down 10 ideas a day. Do it with purpose. Maybe the ideas themselves are worthless. You can toss them away if you’d like, its not the point. The simple action of generating ideas is what we care about because just like sales its all a numbers game. We want to increase the number of ideas and concepts we are able to create to discover those hidden gems and high quality ideas that can make all the difference in a company or organization.

Do this religiously every morning. You don’t have to send this list off to anyone, but if you do, who knows what benefits this practice may bring to you.

While visiting Comic-Con with my sister this weekend, I came across a couple of exciting Escape Rooms pitching their businesses. Now we are all in the same field of entertainment , and it got me thinking: How I can help Other Entertainment companies. So I started this list this morning for them:

  1. I can recruit high quality team players for them.
  2. Cross promote their events; either through social media, email, and or reach out to my community.
  3. Help sell their products and/or services.
  4. Get companies to book private events with them.
  5. Offer discount services for a Retro Game Night
  6. Organize College parties where we can include them in a package.
  7. Blog about or post a video about their venue or my experience.
  8. Get my staff to review and promote their experiences as well.
  9. Let them know about other great marketing opportunities.
  10. Be an extra resource when they need help of any kind.

Ideally, doing something great for others will persuade (or at least encourage) others to return the favor. This can help build up your network which is important to any start-up when starting out.

Hope you enjoyed this first posting of mine. I hope to have more to follow. Thanks.