Online Shopping for Notaphilists

With decades of experience in finance, as well as an MPA and a PhD in international and developmental administration, Dr. Derek Bryson Park functions as the managing director of Forefront Wealth Management, LLC, in New York, NY. Dr. Derek Bryson Park pursues a wide variety of hobbies in his leisure time, including notaphily, the collection of US banknotes and paper currency.

Notaphilists can now find hard-to-find pieces at, an online marketplace where collectors can browse through and buy genuine items. Those who want to earn money from their collections can also auction items at the site.

An online museum that caters to notaphilists, philatelists, and numismatists alike, is as yet arguably unparalleled, and as it is operated by those with substantial experience in the various areas of collectibles it offers, it is likely to remain the foremost site of its kind for some time to come. Moreover, it promotes research initiatives for the continued growth of the three types of collectibles it brokers.

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