5 Ways to Keep Your Divorce Easy

You want to get your divorce over with as quickly and inexpensively as possible. After your divorce, you’ll find your new normal and get acquainted with being single again. Between now and then, you’ll need to avoid these five all-too-common mistakes that people make as they’re going through a divorce.

Read your ex’s messages and emails.

If you still have access to your ex-spouse’s social media accounts, email accounts or other login information, get rid of it. Clear your browser history and stored passwords. Block their profiles if you can’t help but check on them. You can’t use this information as leverage in court, and it certainly won’t make you feel any better to know what your ex is saying about you. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Refuse to communicate with your ex.

The more you’re able to communicate with your ex-spouse, the easier it will be to negotiate and go separate ways. If your ex is abusive or stirs up drama, feel free to turn off your phone, mute their number, and call them back later if you do have legal matters to discuss. Deliberately refusing to communicate will prolong your divorce, but you don’t need to tolerate harassment from a dramatic ex, either.

Forget about your kids.

It’s going to be hard to see your kids and make visits when you’re stressed and having a hard time keeping your emotions from affecting your parenting. Even so, it’s better for your kids to have an imperfect parent than none at all. Keep routines and habits intact as much as you can, and remember to hear out what your kids have to say, even if their wishes are impossible. You might not be able to get back together with their other parent, but you’ll at least be able to understand how they feel.

Isolate yourself.

The wrong company will give you bad, unwanted advice, drain your much-needed patience and make you want to isolate yourself. Feel free to cut off toxic relationships, but remember to reach out to those you trust and make new friends.

Forget to budget.

With one income, you might have to adjust the way you live shortly after your divorce. It helps when you have a post-divorce budget. You’ll find it easier to avoid overspending on your divorce and you’ll have realistic expectations about what kind of divorce services (such as mediation, counseling) you can afford.

Your divorce doesn’t have to cost more than your wedding, and it doesn’t have to be the worst year (or more) of your life. For easy, affordable uncontested divorce papers with friendly service from a concierge that cares, connect with us or stop by any of our New York or Florida locations.

Originally published at nextgenjustice.com on May 12, 2015.