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An entrepreneur once explained, “where there is a lack of knowledge and understanding there is an opportunity to make money.” For too long tax preparation services have hid behind archaic systems and the complexity of the tax code to justify charging consumers and businesses hundreds of dollars in fees for taxes! My father taught me, “you will create profit by offering solutions that are good for you (the business) and consumers.” The best way to ensure these win/win deals is to make a little bit of money off a lot of people.

We are changing the landscape of how consumers view the tax industry by making the process easy and affordable. We do this by deploying the perfect mix of people and technology.

In Person or From Your Couch, We Got Ya Covered!

We are real people, not just a box of software you purchase from an office supply store. We have five locations that you can visit throughout the year. If you are a millennial and would rather use your free Uber credit on a hot date, we can even work with you from your living room.

We Rock!! We Use Tech, People, and Other Awesome Stuff

Many people ask us how we compare to our software competitors. First, we did not have issues like TurboTax did last year. Below you will see other ways we are different from TurboTax, yet still very effective at what we do. The CliffNotes version is this — we are people, we use technology, you can call us and/or visit us, we will get you your maximum refund, guaranteed, and we can help with returns throughout the US.

Tax and Legal Together Is Multi-Tasking at its Finest

Most of us spend our days multi-tasking. My wife has about seven jobs, including raising our 18-month-old and being married to an entrepreneur — the only way she gets everything done is by multi-tasking

Why should it be any different when it comes to forms? We are working to become the United States’ largest brand that helps consumers with legal and tax solutions. Perhaps you have been putting off getting a will or forms you know you need for your business. We can take care of all that for you at the same time!

If you are a veteran-owned business, we are doing your business return for free this year

Feedback — Gonna Take the Plunge?

Give me your feedback! Will you be using us this year — why or why not? Feel free to reach out. Tweet @ddistenfield, email, or call me on my cell at 646–823–4209.

Regardless if you use our team or not, have a prosperous 2016!

PS — Our fee is $79 for your personal tax return. The only additional fee that may apply is if you want to pay our preparation fee out of your refund.

PPS — If you are a startup, our business tax fee is $199

PPPS — Stop stressing! Getting ready for tax season is a breeze.

Derek Distenfield is CEO and Co-founder of NextGenJustice which offers legal and tax solutions without lawyers in four main areas of law: family, business, estate, and tax preparation.

Disclaimer: You remain legally responsible for the information contained in your tax return even if it is prepared by NextGenJustice or any other individual or company. NextGenJustice employees are NOT Certified Public Accountants or enrolled agents, nor does NextGenJustice provide tax or financial advice, except as permitted and required by § 10.37 of Treasury Department Circular No. 230. NextGenJustice is not a substitute for an accounting firm. If you have specific financial planning or tax advice questions, you should contact a licensed financial planner, accountant or tax attorney. NextGenJustice provides all required state and federal disclaimers and Consumer Bills of Rights to all tax customers.

Use of NextGenJustice’s tax preparation services does not ensure that you will avoid tax-related penalties and NextGenJustice makes no representations or claims whatsoever in this regard.

Except where indicated, price quotes are for NextGenJustice services only and do not include bank product fees or other third party costs that may be required in connection with your tax filing. NextGenJustice uses Crosslink’s tax preparation software. Depending on the complexity of your return, NextGenJustice reserves the right to outsource the preparation of said return to Flatworld Solutions, Inc., Doane CPA Firm, or similar third party service, to be disclosed to the customer at any time upon request. Should you require audit representation or any other advocacy services in connection with your return, NextGenJustice will retain Doane CPA Firm on your behalf, at no cost to you, or you can retain any other accountant or enrolled agent at your own expense. Legal Docs By Me is doing business as NextGenJustice.

The NextGenJustice refund policy only applies to tax forms and schedules generated by the NextGenJustice tax preparer software. If, by using different tax preparation software with the same data, you find that you get a larger tax refund, or that you owe less taxes or a smaller tax amount, NextGenJustice will pay you back all of the fees that you paid to NextGenJustice to prepare your tax return. You will not qualify for the NextGenJustice money-back guarantee if the larger tax refund, or smaller tax payment due, results from variations in data that you provided to NextGenJustice for tax preparation services, or if your tax preparer takes positions that are against the law. NextGenJustice will not provide a refund for tax returns that are rejected by the IRS or any other government agency. Please Read More Disclaimers Here

Originally published at on January 8, 2016.

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