Closing vents in your home

Derek Cole
Aug 10, 2015 · 2 min read

Should I close the vents for my air conditioning in the rooms that I do not use?

No. That is the simple answer, but why?

Some people feel it is needed to close the vents to save energy and air conditioning in the rooms they do not use. The issue with doing that is the problems it can create.

The air is being blown out by the blower motor, so closing the vents is then causing the air to come back and causing more stress on the motor by having to force the air back out. Air is just like water, it will take the path of least resistenacen.

Leave the vents open, move the furniture away from on top of the vents, and you will help to extend the life of your equipment by letting it operate under normal conditions instead of stress.

Your friend in comfort and energy savings,

Derek Cole

Derek Cole is the General Manager of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, an independently owned and operated franchise based in Laurinburg, North Carolina since 1953. He has more than 14 years of experience in the HVAC industry and has created two You Tube broadcasts, The Comfort Experts and #AskDerekCole, filled with tips and tricks on saving energy and being comfortable.

Derek Cole

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