Home Air Leaks


What is the best way to check for air leaks to the outside? I just got new windows installed in a 50 year old home.”

You’ve got an older house and new windows so that’s good the situation. Usually you run into a situation in older homes compared to newer homes because older homes were not made as tight and energy efficient as newer houses. You can get a test called a blower door test and literally it’s a door, they then pressurize your home, and they go by with a smoke gun and they check everything to see where the air leaks are.

Some common areas I look for are with can lighting, with the new windows make sure they are calked and sealed properly, also check receptacle light switches because they are big problems. Your plumbing may have exposures coming from under the house or the side of the house just make sure all of those are sealed as well.

That’s where I would start at but older houses and upgrading windows to insulated windows is a great start!

Your friend in comfort and energy savings,

Derek Cole

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