How to Maintain Your Efficiency

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A lot of clients have their efficiency from their heating and air conditioning stolen from them by DIRT.

Yes, that is correct, I said DIRT. 98% of all breakdowns with your heating and air conditioning is dirt related. So as a professional in this field, our priority to every system is to keep the dirt out.

ENERGY STAR states that 1/20th of an inch of dirt can effect your efficiency up to 21%. A small amount of dirt or dust can cause a huge energy problem and keep you from saving the money on energy that you can be.

Today’s units are made from very thin copper or aluminum and heating and air conditioning is all about heat transfer. The easier the heat transfer the better, so dirt acts like an insulator and make the job of heat transfer more diffacult and therefore costly you more dollars in energy.

Your system should be checked and cleaned by a professional twice a year to make sure it is working at peek capacity for a smoother and more energy efficient heating and air conditioning system.

Your friend in comfort and energy savings,

Derek Cole

Derek Cole is the General Manager of One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, an independently owned and operated franchise based in Laurinburg, North Carolina since 1953. He has more than 14 years of experience in the HVAC industry and has created two You Tube broadcasts, The Comfort Experts and #AskDerekCole, filled with tips and tricks on saving energy and being comfortable.

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