A Blog Series in many parts — PART 1

This is a picture of Donald C. Pangelinan (1932–2007), owner of The Round 2 Bar, and my father. Image courtesy of the Pangelinan family.


This is the first in a long series of posts that will explain what I call The 6 Perspectives of Leadership™. This series will lead up to a book launch planned for the fall of 2018 of the book “The 6 Perspectives of Accountable Leadership.” As a reader of this blog series, you will have a chance to think about leadership in what might be new ways to you.

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I was working with a team leader recently and he was complaining… “Derek, why do I have to babysit my employees?” After a fruitful discussion, it became apparent that there were a lot of reasons, but they all stemmed from his own inadequacies. It was a bitter pill to swallow for him but it put his team on a better path.

Considering that I don’t want to put his struggles out there for all to read, I’m going to speak generically from this point forward.

Over my years of coaching leaders and building teams, I’ve found that there is a…

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Alright… you think it’s your turn for the next leadership position that opens. Then it doesn’t happen for you. Then it doesn’t happen again. And again…

It’s clear to you that “upper management” wants new blood for promotions and that must be why they keep passing you up. Or maybe it’s that they just don’t realize what they have in you. You then tell your supervisor that you’re ready and it’s your turn anyway. …

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Derek, just fut the shuck up and help us get this done.

That’s (almost) exactly what my employee said to me about 8 years ago during a special project I was leading.

I should explain that we had a great working relationship and strong trust between us. I had worked hard to cultivate this kind of mutual support among the team. …

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Story time….

Jay is one of my closest friends. He happens to also be a mentor to me, and a world-class trainer and facilitator. Jay finds a way to work a specific concept and phrase into nearly every workshop he facilitates. He’ll usually pause, maybe even take a seat for added drama, then take a beat to look at the workshop attendees directly, and with intent he will say, “Words matter.” Jay then pauses again, allowing the workshop attendees time to let the idea sink in. After a few seconds he follows it up with something like, “What you say…

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If you’re a leader, can you choose to lead by example? — NO! You are always leading by example whether you choose to be or not. Your people are always watching you and what they see, sets the example.

I’ve talked before about the notion that effective leadership is a set of behaviors that will result in your people following you the right way. In my experience as a leadership coach and trainer, I’ve seen that most leaders who don’t take the time to systematically learn those behaviors, like a guitarist practicing their chords and strum patterns, only end up…

It’s human nature to watch out for one’s self. But when you’re a leader, the people you lead expect you to also watch out for them. Employee engagement is a result of leadership behaviors, and highly-engaged employees deliver results with very little resistance. But let’s focus on the first part of that last sentence: “Employee engagement is a result of leadership behaviors…” In my years of coaching and developing leaders, I’ve found that some leadership basics are common knowledge, and others are not. In particular, I’ve found that few leaders realize that their people expect them to be protectors. “Protect…

If you’re in the Portland area and you haven’t tried the macarons from Decadent Creations, a café and bakery in Hillsboro, you’re missing something special. My wife and I came across our first macaron about 10 years ago and they’ve been a favorite treat since then. When we first tried the macarons from Decadent Creations at a farmer’s market a few years ago — we were ruined! No other macarons come even close to the perfection of those at Decadent Creations; every other macaron is simply a disappointing experience now. I can’t even choose my favorite from Decadent Creations… maybe…

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