Minimum Wage Survival

Is a minimum wage paying job be enough to support a single person or a family? The term minimum wage means that it the least amount that someone needs in order to live the basics. In United States, the minimum wage is different for each state because of the cost of living. In California, the current minimum wage is $10 and it is one of the highest compared to other states. California is expensive to live at because of the limited resources of the state. There are a lot of people who want to live there for various reasons such as; the view, convenience to get to places since things are close to each other, and popularity. Other places like Texas is cheaper since the surrounding is dirt and people wouldn’t want to live there. However, the cost of a big house in Texas would only equal the cost of a small house or apartment in San Francisco.

In the job industry, people make different wages depending on work knowledge and experience. Being a barista is the starting position for working at Starbucks, since all employees are required to know how to make drinks. The typical hourly wage for a barista is usually minimum wage, $12.25 in San Francisco. As you work your way up, you’ll eventually earn more since that is how all jobs work. People in society know that minimum wage isn’t enough to support a single person or a family. For my personal experience, I know co workers that work two jobs (4:30am-1pm) at Starbucks, then (2pm-close) at their second job because the pay isn’t enough to support their families. In popular cities like San Francisco, minimum wage would not even be enough to afford rent. According to The Wall Street Journal, they said “A San Francisco household would need to make $39.65 an hour to afford the market rent for a two-bedroom apartment…”. That is about 3.2367 times the current San Francisco minimum wage to afford rent, which is ridiculous. The government thinks that minimum wage is enough to allow people to just live just the “basic needs”. However the minimum wage that one makes at Starbucks or any other company does not supply enough to satisfy one’s needs. I could relate to all of this since I work at Starbucks. I think that the wages are not enough to satisfy one’s needs because it’s so expensive to live in San Francisco or any popular cities. When minimum wage is lower, it allows companies to hire more workers and gives more people job opportunities. On the other hand it would be the opposite if wages were high, then one person would be doing a two-person job. There will always be positive and negative effects about the topic of minimum wage. Starbucks is able to continue to hire more employees because of the low wages they pay their employees and their success as a company.

Almost everyone in the world knows or heard of Starbucks because it is popular. There are always coffee companies competing against Starbucks. Companies such as; Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Philz Coffee, and Dunkin’ Donuts are other popular coffee companies that are successful as well. Some are the main reasons why Starbucks is so successful are because it is a place for everyone, consistently convenient, and atmosphere of the place is perfect for people. Anyone could enter a Starbucks to hang out, do work, or explore. The workers at Starbucks is also fast and always keep the line moving because they value their customer’s time. Lastly, Starbucks is not about the competitive prices but the quality of how it attracts customers and their drinks. This means that people know what to expect when they enter a Starbucks since all of them are basically the same. There are different wages depending on which coffee companies an employee start off at. Some coffee companies pay higher than others because they know that minimum wage isn’t enough to support one’s needs and respect it. While there are others that simply do not care and try to get the most employees that they can so they can profit as much as they possibly could. Even though Starbucks pays its employees minimum wages, the benefits that it offers is why most people want to work there.

A successful company like Starbucks is able to create a lot of job opportunities for people since they pay their workers near minimum wage. When companies increase wages, this mean people lose their job because companies can not afford to pay all its workers. There should be a solution for minimum wage because it isn’t enough to support one’s needs since living in a popular area is too expensive. My solution to solve minimum wage is simply giving workers more pay per an hour. There are benefits that not all employees claim so they could possibly replace it with a higher rate.

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