The Mystical Escapades of M Nade

Episode 1

“Help!” A scream from the woods yelled. He ran to the place of the scream, but it was too late. She was murdered in cold-blood. He heard the rustling of leaves. He turned to see a dark figure running from the scene. “You,” M Nade cried, “Stop!” He took off after the culprit. Jumping over logs and rocks, M Nade leapt onto the criminal. He glanced at the murderer, only for him to disappear in front of him. M Nade awoke in a panic. “What was that?” He said heavily breathing. He got up and shuffled into the bathroom. He turned on the faucet and splashed cold water onto his face. He’s been having that same dream for months. That dream seemed eerily realistic. What really scared him is the fact that he had seen the murderer, but he didn’t know where. He went back to sleep. When M Nade awoke in the morn, he got on his laptop and decided to watch funny videos, like “Do the Roar” and “Great Soup Mrs. Q”. He then continued to practice his tuba. After the practicing, he decided to get ready. “What should I do today?” He questioned, “I think I’m going to try out for the Bluecoats.” The Canton Bluecoats were an outstanding drum and bugle corps that M Nade had wanted to join for a long time. His friends, Bawb, Lem, and Matty have long wanted to join as well. The gang met up at M Nade’s house and hopped in the car. Lem started to speak, “So how do you” “I’m going to do amazing” Bawb interjected, “Better than you.” “Literally wrecked” MNade boldly stated. As the car pulls up in Canton, they meet three other fellow musicians. One being Tool, the others being DaMandon and Julian. See, Tool was quite the introvert, and tended to avoid talking to others. He was very circumspect as well. Julian on the other hand, was a slacker who used superfluous insults to put people down. “So what are you doing here?” Matty questioned. “Oh, you know. Just visiting family.” Julian equivocated. He didn’t want them to know that he was auditioning. Eventually, they found out when he walked out when Lem was walking in. Julian was the antecedent to him. The rest went. Once they were all finished they got in their cars, and went to dinner. Julian turned on some Lady Antebellum, and DaMandon started to sing along. He got the entire car singing, until Julian decided to rain on their parade. “My audition went well,” Julian said, “ Yours probably sucked.” “Julian, shut up. Shut up. How does it feel to be told to shut up?” “At least I played.” Tool was tired of Julian’s arrogant comments. “I am pacifically tired of the way you put other people down.” He didn’t realize his malapropism. Of course, Julian mocked him. The car goes silent. In the other car, M Nade brings up the news of Adam’s trumpet being retired. It was a posthumous celebration dedicated to their late friend Adam. Nobody forgot the day that Adam was killed. That car went silent as well. When they arrived at the restaurant, the atmosphere was tense. They were seated and orders were taken. Of course, Julian drops his spaghetti. He is mocked. “How does it feel?” Tool asks as he gets up in Julian’s face. “All of your insults have gone over my head. Your attitude has been up and down.” Tool argues, using many prepositions. Soon, something way worse would separate these friends.

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