Hard Work and Dedication in the name of God

Our lives are filled with successes, trial and error lessons, and times that we need to rededicate ourselves in honoring God, our family, and look at the world around us. God has created a world where all things are possible, but still in order for our own lives to take shape, we need to focus on what God wants for us and put it into action. We are not robots, cyborgs, are individuals controlled by simple commands.

We are complex, intelligent, and goal driven individuals. God has given us the ability to have free will even though he knows of the successes and the consequences where that could lead. James states that faith without works is dead but at the same time it is that faith that can help us overcome all obstacles put in front of us. Abraham, David, and even Jesus faced potential challenges where they could have taken an easy route, and automatically go in a singularly driven direction where only they would feel the benefits. They chose to honor, serve, and work through God and accomplish miracles, build kingdoms, and leave reputations that will last throughout the sands of time.

Revelation talks about different types of faith, one faith is incredibly cold, where all hopes and dreams are on ice, we have stopped placing faith in anything and simply do not serve a cause. All of the aforementioned men had faith that wasn’t just hot, their faith was on fire like an everlasting light. We too must look to possess that type of faith. It is through faith that we can overcome any obstacle. It is through faith that we can create longstanding relationships. Relationships that last a lifetime and have the ability to change the world are built on a red hot faith.

Truly we must seek to possess a faith that isn’t cold, but we also shouldn’t seek a middle ground where we are both cold and hot, we need to live a life that is far more than mediocre. We need to live a life through faith that can plant a seed of faith through all generations. Biblical heroes have stood the test of time by being individuals who were by no means perfect, but they took their imperfections and built themselves to a point where they could possess a tremendous amount of faith where all things are possible. David could have taken a single glance at Goliath and instantly given up, he didn’t he looked at the situation and though he was much smaller than Goliath he knew through faith and the dedication that he had to place his faith into motion that he could conquer even the tallest of giants among men. David was a mere shepherd at the time, but rose to the challenge and became a king that served God with maximum effort. God knows our shortcomings such as David’s size, but also knows our strengths, such as David’s heart and drive

. God also saw in Moses an individual who was raised as an Egyptian Royal, who could lead the Israelites out of the hardships of slavery and persecution. He knew that Moses was not a gifted speaker, but also knew that through actions Moses could lead the Israelites into a Promised Land, and survive even the toughest of storms to come. Moses possessed great patience as displayed through his interactions with the stubborn pharaoh, and also had the characteristics of a great leader, who could overcome the greatest of adversities through God’s name. Faith and endurance is showed by multiple individuals throughout the Old and New Testament. Jesus knew that to truly be both all God and all man that he had to survive the temptations of sin, like most individuals of the past and in our current world. Jesus had the power to look sin and the adversary and tell it away from me Satan. Jesus knew that he played the biggest part in God’s plan and that through his sacrifice all of humanity would know salvation, freedom, and grace.

Jesus knew the shortcomings of his disciples, and that there would be times where they would fail him. He also knew that his disciples possessed incredible strengths, skills, and assets. Each disciple like all of us had their own personality, and way to honor Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. It is through our skills and our dedication that we can find ways where we can bring glory so that we may play a part in God’s kingdom.

God gave the artist a brush and to a writer he gave a pen or a keyboard. God knows that everyone has their own individual skillset and way that we can overcome our weaknesses and face the greatest challenge. In God all things are possible, it is through our individuality that we can find our own way to honor God. The relationship that we have with God must have a fiery faith in him that lasts for all generations. We all have a drive that we need to utilize to maximize our God given potential. We are not here on earth to live mediocre live, in God’s name we are all extraordinary and capable of the greatest things. God put all of us on earth to honor and worship his name, he also gave us the skills and dedication to do so.

Dedication to God is the greatest gift, as is the passion to serve him and honor our faith. Jesus died so we can live our lives to the fullest potential. It is through the spirit that we can utilize our God given talents, and form a personal relationship with all of creation. Faith is incredible and the way that we utilize our faith can be one of the greatest gifts to our personal relationship with God, and helping others with their relationships with their heavenly father. Our father has placed us on this earth at this specific point of time, because he knows that this is the point in history where all of the talents can be utilized to the fullest potential. Hard work paying off can be satisfying but the faith that our hard work contains is even greater.