How to Earn Rewards using Liquity

Choosing a Liquity Frontend

Depositing LUSD into the Stability Pool

  • Deposit & Liquidation Gain — These two will change in correlation to each other. Over time, your LUSD deposit will decrease when your Liquidation Gain increases.
  • Pool Share — This shows what percentage of the Stability Pool you own.
  • Reward — This shows how much LQTY you’ve earned during your deposit. You’ll continuously earn rewards as long as you keep some LUSD in the pool.
  • LQTY Remaining — This shows how much LQTY is still left to be distributed to the Stability Pool.
  • LQTY APR — This is the estimated Annual Percentage Rate (APR) that you’ll be earning while in the pool. In other words, it’s an estimate of the LQTY return on your LUSD deposited to the Stability Pool over the next year, not including your ETH gains from liquidations.
  • “Claim” Functions — In the picture above, you can “Claim ETH and LQTY” which sends both rewards to your wallet, or you can “Claim LQTY and move ETH to Trove” which sends your LQTY to your wallet and ETH to your Trove (if you have one).

Staking LQTY




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