So this is the world we live in.

We will brexit, regardless of the 48% and new rulings about parliamentary process. Donald Trump is the ‘most powerful’ leader in the world. We have another 3 European elections this year that will shape how and if the European Union survives. And the rest of the world laughs.

And the common denominator is, when it comes down to it, race. Or is that ethnicity. Or language. Or religion. Or where you’re from.

How retro is this? This isn’t furniture retro, or game retro or fashion retro. This is human rights retro. We are looking at the bleak future that was once a bleak future 50/60/70 years ago. Suffragettes, Rosa Parks, any progressive movement that has ever stood up for their right to be recognised as being just a human is now under threat. We are kidding ourselves that we have in any way made progress; all that happened is we’ve pushed things through and been smug about how well we’ve done, while ignoring the silent majority.

They’re not so silent anymore. They’re winning. And we’re left looking like idiots because we sat there all smug thinking how great we were and how progressive we are.

And what can we do? Our leftism parties are a shambles. We’ve sat on our liberal laurels and they are in flames. We’re floundering. And for the first time in my life I’m hoping and ‘praying’ for someone to come along and sort it out, which is a sad state of affairs to be in.

But the answer is to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t wonder how you can affect change, just be you. Because while these idiots try and dictate who you should be and what you should be, you still know the truth. And no one has the right or power to make that decision for you. I am a straight white male. And I believe that we are ALL CREATED EQUAL. No exceptions. Any legislation that says differently is unrecognisable. People will say differently, they will say they have the right to an opinion, but the only opinion that matters is yours

We stand proud and we stand together. And we will prevail.