#How Twitter has changed my life

Late Friday night Rock 106.1 located in Savanna, Georgia started a Twitter trend with a hashtag saying #howtwitterhaschangedmylife. They asked their listeners to participate in the hashtag and the best ones would be read on air. Minutes after the hashtag was created it expanded outside of Georgia and people around the world started participated in the Twitter trend. Everyone began to express how twitter changed their life.

Some tweets were:

Spooky Lesqueen™ 👻 ‏@fyeahholtzmann Sep 29 New York, USA

#HowTwitterChangedMyLife I met my beautiful girlfriend and all of my amazing friends who I am extremely grateful for ❤️

AlexTheProducer ‏@Alextheproducer Sep 29

#HowTwitterChangedMyLife love connecting with people around the world

Maleyah | met him♡ ‏@CrownlessOLLG Sep 29

I’ve met some of the best people from all around the world that came together for one person #HowTwitterChangedMyLife

A lot of the tweets were about building connections with people. A common thing to find reading each participating tweet was that many people were finding their partner on twitter or their now best friends.

Until I began reading some of these tweets I never realized how effective twitter could be. Before this trending hashtag came out I just saw Twitter as another social media website, but after reading some tweets I saw that Twitter has actually been a social media site that has brought thousands of people together from all around the world.

People tweeted how Twitter has allowed them to express their views on certain things freely. Other tweets said how Twitter has let them participate in certain discussion with hashtags. A common tweet was people saying they no longer rely on news when they get frequent updates on news.

One main thing that I saw was how Twitter allowed entrepreneurs to expand their business. Many businesses say that social media has truly helped their expansion of their business by allowing them to activity participate with their consumers.

I’ve seen business say that Twitter helped build rapport with customer because it allows them to respond immediately to their concerns or their thoughts. Customers have gotten comfortable with the constant engagement that they can receive from companies.

Overall the hashtag #howtwitterhaschangedmylife showed that this is not just another social media website. This is a social media website that allows you to build relations with local people and nationwide. This is a website that allows you to express your perspective. Finally this is a social media website that allows you to expand your business whether you are well-known or just starting up.

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