AC/DC Live in Lisbon — A dream came true…

Angus Young from AC/DC

Back in 2008 I had an opportunity to see the most awesome rock band of all time in concert but although I had tickets I was unable to attend due to a final exam in the following day at 9 a.m…

If I had ever had any regrets was missing out on this concert…

However, last Saturday I had the chance to redeem myself. I know it’s not the same… Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson left… but still this was an amazing performance by AC/DC and Axl Rose.

I can honestly say without any sort of shame that I jumped and sang my lungs out…

This was a long time dream that I was finally able to accomplish for different reasons:

First, because I’m a fan since I was a kid.

Second because in some way I felt like I was honoring, both my father and my step- father.

To my father…

I have to thank being rocked to sleep since I was baby to the sound of the greatest rock band ever. I remember fighting with my twin sister to get to listen in his headphones to every new tape he brought home.

At that age, like 4 or 5 years old, my father looked larger than life, although he had always struggled with health problems related to his diabetes, he had always managed to play with us and be present for everything, but soon after, his health started deteriorating and we started visiting the hospital quite a lot. Unfortunately, on October 13th 1993 (at age 7), both me and my twin sister were woke up by my mother to quickly get dressed because a friend was picking us up in a couple of minutes. We thought that was normal, until we’ve found our dad laying down on the floor apparently sleeping…

Later that day, we were taken outside of the classroom and told the sad news that our dad pasted away due to a blood cloth in his brain in the hospital.

The Riff’s

But enough with the sad part, he would want it.

This concert, in part allowed me to reconnect and in someway pay my respects to him.

So here’s to you Dad!

To my step-father… No… my 2nd Father…

Here’s to the man who helped my mother raise the twins, gave us an incredible baby sister and who always makes us laugh.

Here’s to you to put up with us and our crazy stuff… to your incredible generosity

You… whom I’ve called in the middle of the concert just to wish you a nice day of work and to share a little bit of my happiness to the sound of one of our favorite bands and song… T.N.T

AC/DC — T.N.T.

When I found out that AC/DC would come to Lisbon I went crazy telling everyone that no matter the cost I would be there! In the process I ruined my girlfriend’s surprise for my birthday, however knowing how important this was for me… I think she was ok with it! Can’t even describe how important you are to me.

And I was there… and here are the photos to prove it

Angus Young putting on a show — Lisbon May 7th 2016
Fireworks at the end of the AC/DC show in Lisbon May 7th 2016

This is a moment I will cherish forever!!!!

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