Descrow announces ICO projects for testing. More partners are invited!

Dear community,

We thank all who responded to the proposal of partnership . At this stage, more than 70 participants expressed their desire to cooperate, 36 of which have their own project and are ready to become partners of DESCROW.

We are pleased to announce that the test version of the platform will include following projects:

📍Solar-powered fruit crypto farm CoinBerry. This is a high-tech complex for growing strawberries in greenhouses, heated by mining farms. Farms will be provided with electricity from a Solar Power Station, which makes the production process autonomous. Usage of cheap electricity as well as income from the mining will significantly reduce the cost of strawberries, and new technologies allow growing berries all year round.

📍Roburst Network. New network provides more safe and fast transactions because of using improved iDPO algorithm, Roburst trading bot will help monitor and forecast the crypto-currencies market. Also, the system will create an opportunity for withdrawing cash and making payments in the real world by converting Roburst Coin into a local currency.

📍Biometric bands Citadel One. After activating the band and triple fingerprint scanning, your funds moving to secure electronic wallet, which can later be controlled with buttons. Designed as a fitness band, Citadel One will not attract attention, and the Panic button and GSM / GPS tracking can save the owner’s money and life.

📍Mobile app for pre-order food, goods and services SAFETIME4. The service allows users save their time for buying goods and services by using stuff pre-order system. The system will be accompanied by a personal bonus program and have its own payment service.

📍AGRARIUM Agricultural Development Ecosystem. The goal of the project is to create a blockchain platform for organizing an effective production and buying system of agrarian environmentally safe food. Tokens will be issued for real assets, acting as a property right for a real product.

We will be glad to welcome experts, specialists, analysts in the field of crowdfinding for further partnership, please feel free to contact us

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