Descrow to participate in Science Fest round table in St. Petersburg

Start ICO Descrow — 11.29.17

At Novemer 25 Descrow takes part in a blockchain round table, which will be held in the Science Fest framework in Saint-Petersburg. Science Fest is an exhibition dedicated to the most incredible and fascinating scientific achievements. The festival is held under the slogan “It`s trendy to be smart!”, attracting developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, geeks, and fans of the latest IT technologies.

The space with many locations dedicated to science and technology is situated on the 2000 square meters area. Visitors will see the latest developments in robotics, drones, neural interfaces, VR and AR, 3D printing and light installations. Science Fest offers 30 giant panoramic interactive screens and 25 kW of dolby surround sound. The festival will feature several thematic areas, each of which will represent a new fresh look upon technology.

At the round table dedicated to blockchain technologies and their dissemination in a social environment, participants will discuss several issues of blockchain today. What kind of technology is it and does it really threaten international bank system? How profitable is mining and a mining pool organizing. Why one should invest in the iCO? How to pay for something with bitcoins? What a perspective do the blockchain-technologies have in Russia?

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