Search for experts for the ICO project

If you don’t have sufficient number of qualified specialists to implement or promote the project, you can use the function “Expert search”.

To do this, click the “Find expert” button in the left part of menu. You will proceed to the page of cooperation between project teams and experts.

To start a search, go to the “I’m looking for” tab and click on the “Search for a new specialist” button. Than describe your conditions for a specialist: professional field, tasks, period, terms and salary, write down the requirements and duties of a specialist. If you want, fill out the “comment” field with additional details of the working tasks.

After clicking on the “submit an application” button, it will be displayed in the general list of the job or task offers. Note that after the placement, there would be no possibility of editing the information.

Your application will be sent to experts with suitable competences. The list of experts interested in your proposal is displayed on the corresponding tab.

By clicking on the “more details” button you could see a summary of a specialist, the list of projects he or she worked with on the Descrow platform, and his or her comment on your proposal. Also you can find more information in a “specialist card” and read reviews about his or her work left by other ICO start-ups on the platform.

If this expert is interested in your proposal, you can contact him through personal messages on the Descrow platform or any other communication channels.

After reaching a positive agreement, note the fact of cooperation by clicking on the “Confirm cooperation” button.

We will be glad to welcome your project on testing the platform, you can apply by filling out the form below

We also invite experts, specialists, analysts in the field of crowdfunding for further partnership, please feel free to contact us

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telegram channel: descrow

telegram chat: descrow (eng) / descrow (rus)

twitter: descrow

instagram: descrow

facebook: descrow

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