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The Descrow team launches the crowdfunding platform with basic services for investors, project founders and experts. Despite the difficult time for the crowdfunding industry additional services are being finalized and will be launched on the platform in the coming months.

The Descrow team provides everyone with access to the main services of the crowdfunding platform built on the principles of a decentralized escrow (descrow) at Investors, founders of crowdfunding investment projects and experts are invited to the platform. We offer startups and existing businesses to register projects and start raising funds. We invite investors to familiarize themselves with the secure and professional crowdfunding mechanism of the Descrow. We invite experts to evaluate the prospects of projects on the platform or to join the team of a project.

At present the blockchain crowdfunding industry is in crisis. According to the project tracker CoinSchedule ( funds raised during crowdfunding with the help of cryptocurrencies are deteriorating. At the same time the dynamics of funds raised per project in 2019 is positive. This implies that the market for crowdfunding on blockchain is going through a period of recovery, the formation of the “rules of the game” and search for optimal forms of investing.

An increasing number of professional players penetrate crowdfunding industry, including large foundations, most powerful international banks, rating agencies, centralized and decentralized exchanges, professional consultants, brokers and other intermediaries. As a result market participants are showing higher and higher demand for financial discipline and effective performance of project teams and reasonable behavior of investors and eager to prevent situations of unprofessional behavior and fraud on both sides.

Granting access to the platform at is the first stage of the public launch of the Descrow platform that offers a number of unique solutions for the crowdfunding industry.

The list of the Descrow services being launched. At the moment the Descrow platform is equipped with the services necessary for the start of operations done by investors, project founders and experts. For example, the following services are available:

1) Personal wallet of the investor and startup founder with the support of 3 main cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin).

2) Automated Smart Contract for arranging crowdfunding campaign of a project.

3) Referral program of a project for attracting community of investors.

4) Token Exchange for transactions in project tokens.

5) Job Exchange for matching experts and projects.

6) Community development service for a project — even projects at the «idea» stage. Project founders can submit a Roadmap of their startup, discuss their news with the project community and receive feedback from potential investors and consumers of their products.

7) Program for project acceleration provided by the Descrow’s team of experts.

The industry focus of venture projects supported by the Descrow platform is quite broad. It covers not only projects implementing blockchain technology, but also high-tech projects in the areas of medicine, artificial intelligence, robotics, fintech, retail, logistics, agriculture, loyalty programs, charity, sports, gaming, art and other promising areas of the global economy.

Projects that can count on support on the Descrow platform can be at various stages of development, from the initial idea and the product prototype (MVP) to the mass production of a product and a scalable business model.

User functionality of the Descrow at

1. After registering as an investor, the user is able to:

- enter the necessary data in personal account;

- view projects available on the platform;

- discuss a project with the founder both in public correspondence and via private chat.

A more detailed description of the user interface in the investor mode could be found at

2. A registered investor automatically gets the opportunity to fill in his or her expert profile, he or she could:

- fill in his or her user profile / resume, indicate his or her competencies and experience;

- automatically send his or her profile to the project team that places a counter-request;

- get a job or become a member of the project team selected.

A more detailed description of the user interface in the “expert” mode could be found at

3. A registered user is able to place a project on the platform as the founder of this project (start-up founder) with the following opportunities:

- a user who placed a project is identified as a founder and receives all feedback from the community of the project in his personal account;

- the user can fill in the initial profile of the project and receive recommendations from the experts of the Descrow team on how to package the project effectively and how to optimize a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise more funds;

- the user gets the opportunity to conclude investment agreements with a pool of strategic / anchor investors from a closed list of the platform (on an individual request);

- the user places a detailed step-by-step description of the project Roadmap. This is one of the main sections of the startup profile, which allows potential investors to assess the competencies of the project team. Step-by-step fulfillment of commitments by the team in full accordance with the Roadmap builds confidence within the project community (project’s investors and experts) on the team competencies and intentions to develop the project idea and on feasibility of launching the final product. It is the support of the community of investors, experts and clients that determines the market success of the project greatly.

A more detailed description of the user interface in the “startup” mode could be found at

A more detailed description of the remaining sections of the interface of the Descrow platform can be found in the series of publications on the platform channel at

Refinement of the platform and the launch of the new Descrow services. The technical solutions that existed at the time of designing Descrow were not suitable for the full implementation of the functionality incorporated into the decentralized escrow platform. For that reason we decided to create our own infrastructure, our own high-performance and reliable distributed ledger protocol (blockchain protocol) to ensure stable operation of the platform after integration with various services.

As a result of the work being carried out by our development team, the Descrow platform’s functionality will be expanded in the coming months with the variety of services such as:

1) automated escrow accounts with the possibility of reserving funds invested into projects, with the support of not only the main cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC), but also stable coins (to manage the risks of the volatility of cryptocurrency quotes) and fiat currencies (US dollar, euro, ruble etc.);

2) automated step-by-step financing of projects on the basis of a voting mechanism (investors community could vote for or against the continuation of financing);

3) service of trading in reserved tokens even before the next tranches of project financing;

4) service of automated scoring of projects;

5) service of automated arbitration of disputable situations;

6) an insurance fund for covering the risks of the first tranche of project investments;

7) factoring service for additional financing for the projects on the platform;

8) trust assets management for managing a part of investors’ assets reserved for projects (increased profitability while keeping an acceptable level of risk).

These services will be integrated into the Descrow platform considering the situation in the collective investment markets and major trends in global financial markets. The integration of services would not be an obstacle for the launch of the main platform functionality. It would not imply a long shutdown of the platform operations.

These and many other features of the Descrow platform attract the interest of many participants of crowdfunding industry. At the moment the Descrow team is successfully negotiating with large-scale investors around the world and forming an updated pool of promising projects for financing.

Having started working with the Descrow platform right now, you can start saving time and money needed for projects launching. Уou could get the invaluable experience in professional management of investments and working with promising projects!

Welcome to the world of safe investments and professional implementation of venture projects!

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