Will the DES included to the investment portfolio of the FinShi Capital?

Collaboration of experience with technologies

Nowadays there are lots and lots of startups on the crowdinvesting market seeking funding for realization of their great ideas. The fact is that an average investor simply can’t handle such great deal of information, can’t objectively evaluate a startup and make the right investment decision.

There are professional investment funds that solve these problems. Specialists in these funds have enormous experience and proper skills sets to perform due diligence and detect decent groundbreaking projects for funding.

FinShi Capital’s team has all of the above mentioned qualities, which allows them to assure their investors’ high profits.

FinShi Capital is currently actively preparing for its upcoming ICO, and still continues to search and evaluate promising and qualitative projects.

The fund has recently discovered Decentralized Escrow (DES), the project which aims to make something that will help to reveal scam projects, thus ensuring safety of the funds and avoiding depreciation of investments.

Decentralized Escrow is currently on the pre-ICO stage. Once they have a working product, which will be available for everyone after the pre-ICO, FinShi Capital will consider adding this project to its investment portfolio.

Collaboration of experience and professionalism with innovative technologies leads to outstanding results.

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