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Interesting fact!

Pytag project is the first that told about itself through our platform.

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Barely two days after officially launching the platform, as Pytag received an invitation to the international business incubator ( Pytag was selected from 180 projects and was noted as one of the most promising and deserving attention of investors.

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Business Incubator

«Pytag — Aggregator of prices with an individual search with the possibility of rendering objectively-precise, better offers, taking into account the cost of delivery for all conditions of Incoterms.»

More about Pytag:

Descrow is a multi-faceted tool that allows the project not only to attract funding but also to pass the primary Customer development, to get feedback from the community, to recruit a community that supports the idea and shares the goals of the project. …


Decentralized Escrow

Assistant for safe investments and the independent vote.

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