Do you remember this summer, I had borrowed my parents old 35mm camera? I took pictures of anything that interested me. Well I finally got them developed today. And when I started going through them, I came upon a picture I didn’t remember taking. The picture was the most beautiful in the entire film. It was a picture of you. A picture of you last summer, smiling for me. A picture of the person I fell in love with over 2 years ago. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen and this picture confirmed it. Do you know what the worst part is? Seeing that picture made me fall in love with you all over again. All the feelings of rapid, burning love came rushing back and washed over me like a wave. It made me crack. As a matter of fact, every time I see a picture of you it brings me back to the first time we met. The first time I fell in love with you. I sat in my car weaping, grasping the picture with all my might. If only things were different. If only we could talk. If only you’d miss me. If only you still loved me. But you don’t. You dont still love me. You don’t still miss Me. You don’t want to talk to me. Even though you complete me, I dont complete you. And its funny because all these fantasies I have of you coming back and talking to me again are centered around 1 assumption; that you still loved me. But the reality hit me a few days ago. There is no chance for us to get back together because you don’t still love me. And you won’t miss me. You won’t wake up one day and regret leaving. You are happy now, without me. I am waiting for a ghost that will never appear. And it is hard because god do I love you. I am so completely in love with you. I wish someone would talk to you and make you see that we are meant to be. But no one will talk to you about me. And you aren’t ready to see. You won’t see because to you, we aren’t meant to be. Perhaps I have to wait until the next life for us to be together again. Perhaps I will have to wait forever. Te amo para siempre mi amor.

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