A Superstar In The Making

As a creative person, early 40’s, new to parenting with twin boys, and at what should be the height of my career — I’m not.

I have no visibility in the creative community.

I haven’t slept in 20 months — yes, I said I have twins.

And, I’m not in an environment that facilitates growth and opportunity.

But here’s the thing — I’m going to change all that.

In a few short months, I will become a superstar: a creative known for creativity, a dad that does it all, and a person anyone with a love for self improvement, would love to be around.

But before I dawn a cape and take off on a sky cycle, embarking on a mission to make one of the greatest jumps of my life, there’s much I need to do. And here’s how I’ll do it:

  1. Health and Nutrition – You can’t blast off without rocket fuel. I’ll create a routine, enhance my diet, and explore performance optimizing techniques
  2. Time Management – There’s little time to breath when you’re being waterboarded. Where there are opportunities for air, I’ll find them.
  3. Environment – You won’t see any light if you surround yourself with walls. Growth and change will be nourished by an improved home life, social life, and creative life.
  4. Mastery – Practice what you know, practice more what you don’t. The optimal word here is practice.
  5. Play – Do your best, at what you do the best, and the best in life will come to you—and it will be child’s play.

Next up — a big audit.