From sketch to reality — A logo design case study

Marketing for tech companies can be quite boring and hard to understand. Potential customers have a hard time understanding what it is that you really do and why they need your services. A strong yet simple visual identity and mastering the art of storytelling are key ingredients when it comes to successfully reaching out to your customers.

When deciding for a logo for your IT company, keep in mind that people relate to meaningful images more than they relate to tech terms. So why not get a logo that is friendly and also expresses your greatness?

The IT company Circle Cloud came to us for a logo design. The logo had to be eye-catching, for every client to remember.

The client’s requests:

Our client presented us his requests, together with logos that inspired him. He asked us to create a range of designs from which he could choose.

  • It needed to be simple
  • It needed to be 100% based on circles, no matter how many
  • It could have had a cloud in it (not mandatory)
  • It had to contain the name of the business: “Circle Cloud Ltd”

The two logo design concepts:

We created two logo versions, based on his requests.

The formal concept: The first of the two concepts was based 100% on circles. The name of the company was placed on the right with simple, black characters. The cloud in the centre of the logo looked as if it was build of wires and cables, in order to express the concept of a network. The colors used ere grey and black. The formal and cold look was meant to give the logo a professional look.

Draft of the formal concept design

The abstract and modern concept: The second logo was circle shaped, containing other small circles inside. The focus point of the logo was the company’s name, placed in the middle of the circle and written in big letters which drew attention and were easy to remember. This version of the logo is a very colorful one. The small circles are of different, calm colors such as blue, green, yellow, pink and grey. The text was written in two shades of blue: a darker one for the word “circle” and a brighter one for the word “cloud”. The logo had a grey, thin border which contoured the final big circle.

Draft of the abstract and modern design

Logo revision:

Our client chose the abstract design and requested small adjustments. The adjusted version was formed of a light blue circle, also the background for the company’s name. The text was written using thick, white characters, surrounded by small, white circles. This was a clear and simple way of suggesting the idea of a cloud.

Logo design preview

The logo’s predominant color represented the sky and the little white circles depicted the clouds. In conclusion…our team respected the client’s wish of integrating a cloud into his logo by going the extra mile and created a metaphor for a sky full of clouds, using a simplified way of showing it. Our visual representation of this IT company was a simple ,yet captivating one, making it easier for clients to understand and engage.

Liked this article? Visit our website and discover our work .

Liked this article? Visit our website and discover our work .