The Best Free Design Tools for Local Businesses

Trying to find the right tools as a business owner can be a difficult challenge. You’re likely bogged down by admin, operations, sales and other marketing jobs. This list tries to make the task slightly easier if you’re looking to start creating you’re own designs.

Starting off with one of the most popular, Canva makes designing graphics for social media sharing and banners a breeze. Canva provides a huge array of different photos, shapes and icons for you to get started. Every assets is available for commercial use so you can rest easy knowing all copyright is stress free. Did we mention it’s free?!

Famous for being the alternative to photoshop GIMP provides a surprisingly good alternative. As a small business owner, chances are you don’t need every features that Photoshop has to offer. GIMP provides a simple solution for the basic services you need while making it easy enough for anybody to use or learn. If you need a decent photoshop alternative, then look no further.

This design software makes it easy to create graphics and share them online. Like Canvas they provide a list of differing stock images so you can use them in order to create basic level social advertisements or other uses. The basic package allows up to 5 assets per month with a limited number of templates.

Gravit Designer
GD is a nicely polished tool for developing vector designs and website fundamentals. It has the advantage of having the option to run from your browser meaning it’ll run across different devices with ease. If you prefer to have it available for offline then you can easily download the app for Windows, Mac, Linux or even Chrome OS.

Vectr does not have all that many extras compared to the alternatives listed here but it instead keeps things simple. It has a very basic UX making it easy for business owners who are looking to carry out design tasks to pick up and get going straight away. Having said this, those with more experience still have a very solid piece of software for new designs.

And there we have it, the full list of free design tools for you’re business. If you have a suggestion or would like to be added be sure to reach out, we’ll keep this list updated over on the DesignGib website alongside the paid tools too!