This ‘White Power’ band has been the soundtrack of racist punk for 40 years
Nina Renata Aron

Look how young the kids are in the hero photo, this brings back memories… I was into Rude Boy culture in Sydney, a bit of fringe culture that existed in Sydney in the 80s and was pro-diversity, obviously as Ska music was created by black culture. But because our Rude Boy culture was imported from Britain, there was also an uncomfortable mingling of Rude Boys with Skin Heads, and they were pretty much like you see in the original Aussie flick Romper Stomper (look out for updated remake with Muslim themes on Stan). I never liked the Skin Heads much, I found their logic stupid, and they were much more inclined to violence and mindless vandalism than the Rude Boys who were as I said more into social inclusion and enjoying the music.

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