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Quincy Larson

What a great motivation to become part of the open-source community, I love the design of that T!

So I registered and started reading through the freeCodeCamp Guide to see what I could contribute. Can you please expand on how I could help I will give you a case scenario:

I found a stub that needs more data;


Now w3schools.com covers display-property quite well, and certainly knows it better than I do, even the format of how they explain it is very good.

Is there a format for explaining CSS on the freeCodeCamp Guide that I should be following to help make the guide consistent?

Is it ok to take information that I know is correct from sources like w3schools.com ? Should I reformat that grammar ? Should I include references?

I’m more than happy to earn a T if it helps me improve my HTML / CSS and contribute to the freeCodeCamp Guide but I want to understand how to make meaningful contributions when I possess only average coding skills.

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