Criticism; Constructive or Destructive?

We’ve all experienced being picked on by that one annoying teacher at Art/ Design School. No matter how much of an effort you’ve put into your design or how good your design has turned out, they’ll still find a million reasons to lambaste you (Yes you, not so much your work!). Is this constructive or destructive? The answer is, it is what you want it to be.

Initially, it’s probably going to pull you down, lower your morale, make you feel the worst about yourself! But, that’s all right! Fuel these exact feelings to work towards something more superior and better.

Positive comments are not always right and negative comments are not always wrong. Sometimes you, I and everyone out there do end up with unsatisfactory work. Once in a while, you need to accept that when people say ‘You screwed up’, you probably did! This will only help you grow faster!

Would love to know what you guys think about people who pretend to have your best interest under cover of providing constructive criticism, while they actually don’t! :D

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