How to Plan Your Day Better So You Can Get Shit Done

May 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Planning is essential if you want to get more done during the day. Some people don’t plan at all. Some plan but do so in such an ineffective way that they still don’t get much done during the day.

Luckily, with some slight adjustments, you can get more done.

Start With the Most Stressful Tasks

When you get to the 7th week of the Design Your Business in 365 Days planner, then you will learn that planning to do the most difficult and stressful things first will allow you to get more done during the day.

If you start with the less stressful tasks, you might initially be getting a lot of work done, but you will eventually subconsciously start worrying about the more stressful tasks that you still have to do.

The earlier it is in the day, the easier it is to carry tasks out. As the day goes by, we start to get tired. We start to desire something else.

And when we start thinking about the harder tasks that we still have to do, we start to procrastinate, we start to avoid them. And that prevents us from getting more done.

Learn From Previous Mistakes

A perfect plan for somebody might not be a perfect plan for you. We all work differently. If you see that starting with a certain task at a certain time doesn’t work, learn from it. Don’t just continue doing it because the internet said so.

Making changes based on your mistakes matters more than making changes based on the mistakes of others as we are all different.

The Design Your Business in 365 Days planner is great when it comes to learning from your mistakes. After every week, you get a page to fill out your weekly learnings as well as positive and negative perceptions. This makes it easier to learn from your previous mistakes.

Be Flexible but Consistent

While it’s good to stick to a plan that works out great for you, be aware that you need to be flexible if you want to get the most done. Plans sometimes change. Your internet might not be working for instance. Have backup plans so that you can always work around any problems that might arise.

A big problem that people have with plans is that once something is wrong, they cannot work until it’s time for the next task and that wastes a lot of time. If you are flexible with your plans, you will get much more done during the day.


If you can start with the things that you don’t like, while staying flexible, then you will get a lot more done during the day. And if you learn from your mistakes, you will get even more done.

Planning is a lot easier if you have a planner. The Design Your Business in 365 Days planner is great when it comes to planning and learning from your mistakes.

What are you waiting for? Get your one now!

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