What Makes Design Your Business in 365 Days Planner Special?

May 12, 2018 · 3 min read

The world is full of normal planners intended merely for planning. In them, you simply plan what you need to do. However, these planners only work if you stick to them. Most people don’t. And that’s where book-planners come in.

Design Your Business in 365 Days incorporates features that help you plan and work better.

Planning only works if we commit to it, which is why this planner was designed to make sure you don’t just plan, but also take action.

So what features does this planner have that make it stand out?

A Layout that Works

Business planners tend to forget that many business owners work every day. Working every day requires planning every day, and that just isn’t possible if your planner doesn’t provide you with spaces for the weekend.

That can often complicate things and result in procrastination.

This planner lets you use the weekend as workdays if you want to. That’s crucial for business owners.

It’s also essential not to provide too much information in order to keep the user interested, while simultaneously providing enough of it so that users learn and apply their knowledge.


You cannot improve if you don’t look back on what’s working and what isn’t. You need to reflect on the bad and the good.

The Design Your Business in 365 Days book planner helps you do exactly that.

At the end of every week, you’re asked to reflect. You state your accomplishments. You state the positives and you also state the negatives.

Each day, you get a chance to write down your thoughts, which is important because it allows you to see if you need to change things up.

That’s not all. Each week you’ll be asked questions that make you stop and reflect.


Everyone struggles at some point. We get lazy and sometimes just don’t want to work. A normal planner doesn’t help you with that. You see what you have to do and that’s it, which isn’t enough in many cases.

With Design Your Business in 365 Days, you still have to decide to take action but it’s easier to do so. Quotes are included to give you the motivation to start, especially useful when you don’t feel like it.


Every day brings a new tip. These tips are divided into sections. Each week focuses on something new. Opportunities are one of the things discussed, for instance.

It can take time to see big improvements, but most book planners aren’t dedicated to helping you in the long term. This one is here to guide you for a full year.


In many cases, planning isn’t enough. You need to take action. But that’s easier said than done, and mistakes happen even to the best of us. Design Your Business in 365 Days is here to motivate you to take actions and help you improve.

You can’t improve if you can’t see what you need to improve on. And the only way to see what needs to change is by writing it down, then reflecting on it.

Get your book-planner today and start executing your plans!

Originally published at www.designin365days.com.


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We believe no matter you are, you have the power to create the life you have always wanted with our book-planners and note-books. Www.designin365days.com

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