My First Bitcoin Market Investment Experiment — Day 2

Day 1

4:30 AM

Bitcoin was trading between $580 — $585 this morning on Coinbase. It has a high overnight at $689.

I bought .17 bitcoin all on limit orders with an average buy of ???

I have a limit to sell the .17 btc at 632. This would bring my daily profit to approximately 7 dollars for the day. Would be my high mark so far in this experiement.

I have a $1.30 left to trade in my account and I am currently holding .17 btc as I said earlier. Not much I can do now but wait…

What apps am I using besides GDAX and CoinBase?

Coinbase Android App

Bitcoin profit calculator

9:00 AM

Studying node.js for implementing my automatic trading system.

I decided on javascript over java in this case for me right now. With Java I would not have to worry about security as much but I could probably get up and running faster with javascript. After looking at the public libraries available for each I have decided with javascript first. Java is also something that I may visit in the ft

I found a similar library but works with other exchanges as well. This might be a good tool to try arbitrage between the different exchanges.

I am using the online ide Cloud 9 at for my development.

Following the course curriculum from NodeSchool

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