Kreadiv & Koo and Creative Group Economic advocating for more Diversity in Advertising and black businesses

‎November ‎24, ‎2017: With increased competition in the creative business industry, minority groups are facing hardships. In an attempt to address the hardships the Kreadiv & Koo Agency and Creative Group Economics have teamed up for the Houston Creative Community with tailored networking experiences. The two groups are advocating for more diversity in advertising and black business.

Kreadiv Koo is an independent award-winning marketing and advertising agency. The agency focuses on multicultural, Millennial and Generation Z markets. The group is comprised of a team of strategists, designers, researchers, enthusiasts, and technicians each holding unique knowledge of the complex audiences and challenges. Kreadiv Koo springs big ideas powered by a diverse group of talent and energy that runs parallel with greatness.

Creative Group Economics describes itself as an organization for the people of the people. The group believes that to break the cycle of poverty, an individual should start by spending their own dollars in their own community. The group aims at changing people’s mindsets and helping them be the leaders whom they aspire to be. People who can echo the morals which are required to provide practical solutions that bedevil a community. According to the group spokesperson such an act starts with standing with those who support, listening to the unheard voices and recognizing potential where many see despair. The spokesperson added that such an action demands investing as a means and not an end in itself, having courageous people who dare go to the markets where others have failed and the aid which is meant to provide a solution has fallen short. The group calls for leadership which rejects complacency and breaks through the system and challenges societal evils.

This Creative Group Economic involved in an activity that will see the people who have suffered from the devastation of the Hurricane Harvey get assistance. The group is looking to receive donations to help citizens in the Greater Houston area.

“We will be taking monetary donations on our Creative Group Economics website and App; the donations shall go toward buying food, drinking water, personal hygiene supplies. Donations of food, clothing, personal hygiene supplies, and other supplies can also be donated at a locations that shall be open when the rain subsides,” said the group spokesperson while appealing for assistance.

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