5 Things I learned in 2015

I can’t believe the year is coming to an end! I know the phrase “time flies” is overly used, however it is appropriate for how I feel about 2015. And while I don’t think a new year calls for a “new” you, I definitely think it’s a good time for reflection.

So here are some of my reflections of 2015 that I hope to take with me into the new year…

  1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF — so often we let doubt consume our minds, keeping us from growing to our full potential. I know for myself doubt is something I’m constantly consumed with. I probably could have been much further along in my career by now if I didn’t doubt myself as much. If I believed that, I too, am an intelligent individual in my industry. My blog probably could have made it somewhere if I didn’t doubt my writing skills or my ability to create great content. #lesigh but this year I definitely want to believe in myself more, push my limits, challenge myself and cease any opportunity that comes my way. (Instead of letting them slide by because I doubt I’m good enough, when in fact, I’m the shit lol)
  2. CONSISTENCY IS KEY —so this is probably another phrase that I’ve heard over and over but it really didn’t sink in until this year. In anything you do whether its losing weight, saving money, writing a blog, etc etc consistency is key! Writing a couple of times a year won’t make you a good writer. Working out once in awhile is not going to make you fit. Putting 5 bucks in a piggy bank once a month isn’t going to get you that house you’ve been wanting. Everything takes making a decision, creating an action plan and staying consistent.
  3. NEGOTIATE EVERYTHING —why do we often settle for whatever is offered? This goes for new jobs, relationships, buying/selling items, etc. I know in my personal experience, I never liked “confrontation” or “going against” someone. That didn’t feel right for me. But I was usually left getting the short end of the stick or always craving more because I never got what I wanted, or what I DESERVED in the first place. I should have been more confident and negotiated better.
  4. BE PRESENT — we live in an era where we’re always “busy”. Busy working. Busy commuting. Busy on our smartphones. Busy watching television. Busy worrying. Busy thinking about the future and how it will turn out that we don’t focus on the present. The present is really the only thing we are guaranteed. Yesterday is already in the rearview. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed so why not focus on today and what’s in front of us. This year I want to be present with my kids, my husband, my family and my friends. Those are the most fulfilling times for me.

And finally but not least numero cinco (number five)

5. GIVE NO FUCKS —why do we care so much about what people think or feel about us!? (That’s none of our business!) I’m so guilty of this. I care, or used to care, about what people thought or felt about me. I’m usually a people pleaser but I learned this year that if it doesn’t make you happy, fit into your life, then its not for you! This year I left a job (with nothing to fall back on) because I was underpaid and under appreciated. I held on for awhile because I thought I owed my boss something. But too often (way too often) she showed how much she DIDN’T care how I felt, so it was time to chuck up the deuces. And so I did. This year I put an end to the back and forth thoughts of a friendship that had been long lost. (I think I even insulted her this year but no fucks given. You reap what you sow) And I also rejected invites to places or events I didn’t want to attend. You don’t understand how liberating it feels!

So from my family to yours salud (cheers)! May you reflect on the past to make a better tomorrow! 😘

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