Meet the People: Jacob Snyder of Jupitercow

Coworking is as much about the co- as it is about the -working. To inspire you with what’s possible with a Deskpass membership, we want to introduce you to one of our members.

Meet Jacob.

What kind of work do you do?

I do website design and development. I started in industrial design, but was always tinkering online, so gradually website development and website design became my focus. I have been doing this for over 15 years. Currently I have a small company called Jupitercow that does mostly development partnerships with other design firms, and, from time-to-time, we still do the whole design process in house, but development has become our focus. We do everything from building simple marketing sites to creating applications and API connections.

What was your workspace situation like pre-Deskpass?

I moved from Brooklyn, NY in 2012, where I was working at home. When I moved here, I continued to work at home, and started venturing to the local coffee shop in Logan Square: New Wave. Then I started at a space that rents desks. There are drawbacks to everything, but I have enjoyed all of those scenarios to some extent.

Why did you choose a Deskpass membership?

I had run into some issues at the shared desk space on top of a price increase and some friends moving out. It started a whole evaluation process for me. I read about Deskpass, and I was attracted to the lower cost which put less pressure on me.

I love the freedom to get to new neighborhoods and get a change of scenery.

Deskpass gives me a different kind of flexibility. Where I can work at home, the coffee shop, or any number of locations when I need something new. While I miss the dedicated desk with monitor to some extent, I love the freedom to get to new neighborhoods and get a change of scenery.

Where have you worked via Deskpass? Do you go to the same places or like to mix it up?

Sometimes because I have meeting with a client nearby, or a lunch date with a friend, or even a meetup in the area. Sometimes I just like the change of scenario, and I like getting out and seeing more of Chicago. I ride my bike most places, and even from Logan Square, I can get to most of the locations in around 30 minutes.

I may have seen more of Chicago in the past few months than the past few years because of Deskpass.

So far, I have been to 12 spaces:
Free Range Office, Simple.Honest.Space, The Study, Workshop, Enerspace, Catalyze, Assemble Gold Coast, NextSpace River North, Level Office, Level Office Adams, BeOffice Urban Workspaces, and Creative Coworking Evanston

What factors into the spaces you’re booking on a given day?

The different spaces tend to have extremely different environments. This can be a powerful benefit. Somedays I want to lock myself in a room, and I can do that at BeOffice. Somedays I am feeling chatty and I can go to any number of coworking spots that are conducive to that. Some days a library-like environment might be nice, and The Study is really geared toward that.

The different spaces tend to have extremely different environments. This can be a powerful benefit.

Comfortable chairs, but that generally isn’t a problem, so the environment tends to be a big issue. Something that is conducive to concentration but not too stuffy. Coffee, sadly, can have big impact on where I rank a space. It is hard to say which factor plays the biggest role in my process, but location is probably starting to play a bigger role.

What’s your favorite Deskpass related moment…so far?

That is hard to say. One of my favorite experiences so far is that I have been wanting to got to the Geekfest meetup at Groupon’s offices for about a year, but every time I planned to go, I would get caught up in something, and have a hard time pulling myself away for the 20–30 minute commute there from my old office. Now, on Tuesdays, I just schedule to work around the corner from there.

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