“Down To Earth, Her Hues Unearth"

Some call it a globe, others call it a stone

Some call it a universe, others call it an abode

Through its length, width and breath, longitude and latitude

Across it’s many facets, lies the beginning

Our duty and devotion, and that it all comes back down to earth.

There’s the sky and ground, mountains and valleys, dry land and waters

But back down to earth, man paves his way

From the individual to their kindred

Their society to places unheard

A sense of duty, a sense of passion

A sense of compassion became the dawn of his awakening.

The womb of the fieriest compassion became his birth

An abode of soothing compassion was he bred

With harmonious accord ought he to lead

From the dust of the earth he came,

Down to earth must he remain.

Back to earth shall he return.

All of earths existence beckons

All of heavens habitation yearns

All of man’s duty is to answer

Thus is the helplessness of heaven without earth

Thus is the helplessness of the earth without man.

Time and time again in lack, the tyranny of man’s neglect is heard.

In loss, the abyss of man’s dereliction of duty is felt.

In limitation, the downward spiral of man’s ignorance is seen.

Time and time again, William Yeats bemoans,” the falcon cannot hear the falconer”.

Yet again the glimmer of hope creeps through the crevices of rocks.

The end of a cloudy day, brings new life,

From the rising of the sun, springs new faith,

Upon the horizon, arises new belief,

The belief that the destiny of man is shared and begins down on earth.

The belief that down on earth, no one is above but only ahead.

The belief that everyone is special and precious.

And thus everyone is a piece of the puzzle down to earth.

Originally written in 2016….

Written and re-edited by: Desmond Delali Komla Asorgoe.

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