Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland it’s natural for me to convince everyone to go visit and visit frequently. Being “Polish and Proud” it upsets me that Poland isn’t usually a top destination for international travelers. Here you will find 6 reasons why your next trip should be to Poland. I can promise you won’t regret it.

1) Located in Central Europe, Poland, is extremely easy to get to from other destinations throughout Europe. You can fly directly from Chicago or New York with LOT Polish Airlines. I know what you’re thinking …What kind of planes they have? They’re probably old and not safe etc. Well. LOT has all new Dreamliner airplanes that are very comfortable and get you to Warsaw safe and directly within an 8-hour flight. Your money will go a long way with the conversion of the strong American Dollar versus the local Polish Zloty.

2) Poland’s geographical location is unique because to the north we have Baltic sea and to the south Tatra mountains. Should you decide the drive North to South, it will take you approximately 10hours. You will not be disappointed as the journey across the beautiful Polish countryside that includes crystal clear lakes, small towns with breathtaking architecture and big cities full of energy and history.

3) You don’t need to be a foodie to appreciate Polish cuisine. Everyone knows pierogi, golabki or heard of kielbasa but Polish food is so much more than that. Depending on the region you will find different specialty dishes that the locals are proud of. Polish people are known for being excellent hosts as long as you respect their traditions and are willing to try their food, and vodka of course.

4) Poland is known for it’s potato vodka, which is excellent and cheap but in my opinion beer is even better. Once you’re traveling around the country make sure you try local beers. My favorite is Tyskie and Zywiec, which is available through out the country but there are tons of smaller breweries that have fantastic beer as well. Polish beer prices vary from .75 cents to $1.5 per half a liter.

5) Get ready and put your dancing shoes on. Polish people love to dance and party. If you visit any club/ disco in Poland, you will see that it’s very different than in USA. Polish men don’t stand around the bar sipping on their drinks like Americans. You will find them showing of their moves on the dance floor. House parties are very popular too and involve tons of alcohol and dancing. (little tip: never show up empty handed)

6) Last but definitely not least is the incredible history that Poland holds. Poland is over 1000 years old and has a lot to offer. It disappeared from the map three times and changed its borders numerous times. Poland is a great place to learn more about European history since a lot of it happened within its borders.

Sunset on Polish seaside near Kolobrzeg town
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