A Must See in Poland!

In my recent posts I mentioned that Poland is a perfect place to visit due to its geographical diversity. You can visit beaches in TriCity, mountains in Zakopane and enjoy history and culture all over the country. You can visit many museums in the capital and other historic places. If you want to take a travel to the past, you should visit Malbork Castle. It’s hands down one of my favorite places in Poland. It was built in the 13th century by Teutonic Knights whom used it as a headquarters in this territory. Malbork’s Castle main function was to strengthen Teutonic Knights control over the area while fighting against their Polish enemies.

Malbork Castle view from across Nogat river

This castle is special not only for its history but because it’s the largest brick building in Europe. If you have the opportunity to visit Malbork city you should defiantly stop by this historic site. Malbork Castle is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has many visitors all year round. I would recommend visiting with summer or fall with tour guide who will highlight most important parts of Malbork castle’s history.