Go to Hel!

Hel is a very popular destination for Polish water sports enthusiasts . In Poland, kitesurfing is becoming more and more popular. Hel Peninsula offers one of the best conditions in the world for practicing this sport due to moderate winds and shallow waters of Puck Bay. During a nice summer day, beaches are filled with surfers and their colorful kites. Hel Peninsula is known as surfer’s village but it’s so much more than that. You don’t need to practice kitesurfing or windsurfing in order to enjoy your time there. Hel Peninsula is also a national park and home to many wild species and beautiful beaches. Hel is thirty-four kilometers long, with a width ranging from 300m at its base, through 150m in the narrowest point, to 3km at the tip. Hel Peninsula took around 8000 years to emerge from small, single islets with help of strong winds and eastern currents. The peninsula is stretched between two fishing ports: the aforementioned Hel at its tip and Władysławowo at its base. Between them is a third port, Jastarnia, and three villages: Chałupy, Kuźnica and Jurata. All of these places are popular summer spots and are linked by a railway line and a road running the Hel’s entire sandy length.

Hel Peninsula

For anyone who’s looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation there are plenty hotels and spas resorts to chose from. One of the most luxurious and popular hotels is Bryza Hotel and Spa, located in Jurata. http://www.bryza.pl/en/ But there are many other and cheaper options of accommodations available. You can find them on www.booking.com website.

Hotel Bryza with its famous Coco Beach

Hel is also one hour away by car from TriCity, which is metropolitan area consisting of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. All of these three cities are worth visiting. They have tons of history to tell, restaurants to try and have great nightlife spots. Hel is very easy to access from TriCity, either by train, car or bus. TriCity is only 3 hours away by Pendolino train from Warsaw(the fast train). Gdansk has also its own airport with flights available to most European capitals. To get more information on TriCity check out the website below and go ahead on LOT airlines ( www.lot.pl ) and book your flight to Poland.


Gdynia-Orlowo Beach