How A 14 Year Old Went From Idea To Web Startup In Only 22 Hours

Apologies for writing this blog post title in the 3rd person, but I had to share my experience with you and I believed this would be the best way to get your attention.

At the start of July I started Work Experience which will last 11 days, I am currently on my 4th day. So I decided I wanted to create a community based website around a computer game I enjoy playing, so I had to brainstorm. It all started off as an idea and then I made it a reality. With the help of James I was able to come to the conclusion that instead of picking a game with a larger player base and potentially more revenue I decided to go with a game I enjoy and wanted to build a community around. After narrowing it down to 3 games, Call of Duty, Fifa and Destiny, I decided I wanted to make a community website about Destiny as I believe, as a community we can share our awesome experiences with each other and have a great time.

Over the period of the 4 days I have learnt many new skills on the computer which have allowed me to create this website. The skills I have learnt will allow me to develop my website even further. I used Photoshop, WordPress, BuddyPress, Many Plugins, Basic Coding and Advertisement skills at a basic level but then developed into more advanced settings of these programs to add more detail into my website.

When trying to first start off I came across many problems and the main one being trying to get a Domain name. We brainstormed for a couple of hours gaining all ideas for the website and wrote down our ideas on paper. After doing a lot of work on the website we allowed people to register and once we allowed that before anyone knew about the website, we had a user. I was shocked to think that someone has already found out about the website but unfortunately that user wasn’t genuine, it was a spammer. Once that had happened I relied on energy drinks to keep me going and added a plugin to the website so that it was a lot harder for spammers to register on the site.

This is my 4 Day Breakdown

Day 1

  • Brainstormed ideas
  • Research
  • Registered Domain Name
  • Developed Ideas for pages on the website
  • Installed WordPress
  • Set Up Twitter and Google Account
  • Created a Twitter Header and Avatar using Photoshop

Day 2

  • Researched who to follow on Twitter in the Destiny Community
  • Set up pages on WordPress
  • Applied for Amazon Associates but got denied due to insufficient amount of posts
  • Generated ideas for Blog posts
  • Installed many other plugins
  • Created images for the website in Photoshop
  • Set up registration on the website and registered my account

Day 3

  • Typed up multiple Blog posts
  • Made a Website Logo using Photoshop
  • Created a ‘Join Today’ button on the Homescreen
  • Created Forums
  • Applied for Amazon Associates, Google Adsense and Google Analytics and got accepted by all
  • Discovered Spam user and added a Spam plugin reducing the possibility of spam accounts
  • Created test accounts to see if accounts register properly
  • Gained more Twitter followers
  • Added Social Login for Twitter and Facebook
  • Developed User Profile on the website
  • First round of testing the website
  • Prepared for Live Launch for following day

Day 4

  • Starting to write this article
  • Round 2 of testing
  • Launch Plan

By 1pm Day 4 (9.7.2015) the website will be live. I have high hopes and expecting unreferenced bugs with the site. I realised even when the site is live, there will always be work in progress improving the site for your satisfaction.

I have a large interest in Destiny and I believe I will carry on with the website to build this community. If you haven’t already registered then I recommend you go over to my site at and register now and help me build this community.

I will be writing more Blog l posts updating you on my progress about the website.

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @DestinyUNIVL

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