i forget if i took melatonin or grapefruit seed extract

to be honest i’m just going with the drowsy feeling not being a placebo affect and i’m actually tired from taking a melatonin supplement. but what does it really matter? if i’m sleepy i’m sleepy. i’m obviously not too tired to write this bullshit. but *maybe* just maybe melatonin has this affect on me where it makes me feel as though i should be productive before i pass out because i would be up much longer. either way i’m tired as shit and keep thinking about the relationships i’ve formed with women who don’t really value me. real high spirit high confidence fodder type of shit to think about at a quarter past two on a tuesday morning. maybe i should just let it fucking go that most everyone i meet will fail to meet my expectations and to realize i’m a lot. my best buddy jason in the nicest way reminds me how much i can be and how i’m a handful. i love him for that because as much self awareness as i’ve gained being single, someone like me is never fully fleshing out how they’re perceived in a manner in which your best friend will. find a best friend who will absolutely dog you and thank me later —

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