today’s easter

and my grama’s birthday

was three days ago

she was born in 1941

one of the youngest of twelve

on the west side of detroit

i write overly emotional

cards for birthdays and holidays

and for my grandparents i really

let my heart swell

in the card

i handed my grama today

i mentioned how if

i don’t get into law school this


i’m going to move to paris

whether it be for ninety days

or for my entire life

but no matter what

i love her to the nth degree

for i wouldn’t be half the man i am

today without her

without dropping a beat

she told me how much she

supported me

and loved my plan

and started asking questions

about cost of living

and how i won’t need much

and this is actually


really poorly written piece but

i couldn’t be happier right now

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