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Its not Branding, Its Annoying

Post intended for Mobile App Designers & Developers, UI & UX Strategists, App Owners and Splash screen lovers. The post shows how I usually explain my clients to avoid annoying splash screens.

What is Splash Screen?

A splash screen is just an empty screen which usually shows branding information about the application (logo of the company, icon of the application, etc.) for few seconds during start-up.

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Splash Screen From Umano App Source: Android App Patterns

Why Splash Screens?

Splash screens are generally shown when some background tasks are being executed by the app. Instead of just showing a blank page or loader, we use splash screens. Generally Gaming Apps uses splash screens a lot to load the graphic resources into memory.

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Splash Screen from Popular “Subway Surfers” game

“You probably wont understand our marketing strategies”

“He is just a young kid. He wont understand our marketing strategies. Just ask him to put the splash screen”

Marketing 101 — Why Branding?

Branding is done purely for two purposes.

  1. To make your brand more reliable for old users/customers.
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Then why use Splash screens. Branding? No its Annoying.


I would like to thank my employers Tertium Quid for encouraging and allowing me to write the post.

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